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Our mission

Information Physics Institute (IPI) is an international research organization. Our core objective is to stimulate and support research in information physics, leading to fundamental developments, applications, commercialization and scientific advancements in this new field of physics research.  

The IPI brings together researchers, academics, business leaders, and members of the public interested in advancing our collective understanding of the fundamental role of “information” in the universe. 

We are interested in all aspects of information research: 

Recognising the true physical nature of information, we examine the physical and environmental implications of the global digital big data industry, aiming to offer solutions to companies interested in estimating, optimising and reducing their environmental digital data footprint and associated costs.

Reality Reloaded: The Scientific Case for a Simulated Universe

ISBN 978-1-80517-057-0 

The only book that offers a scientific case supporting the simulated universe theory! 

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Experiment for testing the simulation hyphothesis

One of the great mysteries of the world is to understand the nature of our reality, consciousness, and the meaning of life. 

There is a growing community of scientists and academics that has concluded, via scientific and philosophical means, that our world and the entire universe might be a simulation. If this is indeed the case, then what sort of experiments could we deploy from within the simulation to prove this hypothesis? 

The recent work on the mass-energy-information (M/E/I) equivalence principle offers a possible avenue to experiment with this. Assuming the universe is indeed a simulation, then it must contain a lot of bits hidden everywhere around us. Detecting these information bits will prove the simulation hypothesis. The M/E/I principle states that these bits must have a small mass ( Another recent article gave the number of possible information bits contained in all elementary particles ( Finally, a 2022 publication proposed an experiment to test these predictions (

Among other research projects, IPI's prime objective is to perform this experiment, and a few other non-disclosed experimental ideas that will unlock these mysteries. In order to perform the experiments, we need to purchase the necessary equipment and research time. If you wish to be part of this unique research project and if you are excited about answering these fundamental questions, please support our Institute’s efforts by:

·        Joining the  IPI, or our research team as a project partner (please email to explain what you can offer). Join  IPI here.

·        Sharing this announcement with your contacts and on your social networks. 

·        Supporting our efforts with a donation. All contributors are acknowledged here and in all relevant publications, unless they opt out. 

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Watch short documentaries about this research

The videos give a nice visual perspective of this research, but viewers are urged to ignore any scientific inconsistencies in these videos and any numerical errors.