Join the Information Physics Institute 

We welcome members of the public, business and scientific communities, wishing to join the Information Physics Institute. 

The membership options are:

1. Member - free (Receive updates of important news, published materials and free access to online events and talks).

2. Research Member - one off £20 fee (Receive the same benefits as "Member", plus access to the IPI blog, allowing to post unlimited articles on the IPI site / blog, to promote or sell your books, software or relevant products and to access freely all our events including live talks. Research Members are also encouraged to participate in the IPI research projects and to publish in our online magazine, IPI Letters).

 IPI reserves the right to decline new membership applications, or to revoke the membership of existing members when our terms and conditions are violated. When membership is revoked, a full refund of the fee will be issued, if applicable (i.e. for research fellow members).