3. Interesting websites about Information Research

This is Bob Doyle's website. He calls himself the Information Philosopher. He has possibly read more works of philosophers and scientists than any other modern thinker, and has critically analyzed and written about these key ideas on this interesting website.

History of Information - an excellent collection of materials detailing the evolution of information in human history. 

Dr. Doug Matzke, aka  “Quantum Doug”, is a prolific scientist, researcher, and presenter in his areas of expertise about limits of computation, hyperdimensional mathematics, neuro-computing, quantum computing, real intelligence, and metaphysics. The links take you to his book, Deep Reality, and an impressive collection of lectures and talks.   

Information Theory Society  - the premier professional society dedicated to the advancement of the mathematical underpinnings of information technology for the benefit of humanity.  

An organization that seeks to empower our conscious evolution through the understanding, experiencing and embodying of unitive awareness.

Information Theory in the Geosciences - UTube channel.  

A highly recomended Blog created by Steve Johnston. Lots of interesting articles on the information / software / physics theme.  

Sustenance4all researches information theory to design non harmful functionality of anthropogenic systems. Information decides functionality. They designed two metaphysical equations by which they measure, map and predict probability patterns of entropy and negentropy.

Initiative for Interstellar Studies - an organization dedicated to working towards the achievement of interstellar flight through knowledge to the stars.

Time Flow research - a website describing how time is directly connected to energy or work. 

4. Information Research Journals 

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

The Journal of Information Technology (JIT) 

Information Systems Frontiers